Honesty. Integrity. Commitment.
Not just words , but old school values
About Me...
As the owner of Just Rite Marketing, I will work hard to help you build your brand and increase your traffic and customers. I specialize in getting your business noticed online… My goal is to create a "WOW" factor by providing you with stellar products and services in a prompt and timely manner that you are going to love!
It was my background that led to me to start Just Right Marketing. For over 15 years I owned a printing and advertising company geared to local business owners. Across those years I learned a thing or two about marketing local businesses. I also became proficient at graphic design. In my free time I was a computer techie and an early generation gamer. As online popularity grew, I grew with it. Always interested in the marketing end of the internet, I never stopped learning and after leaving the industry for a few short years I realized I had developed new, online marketing skills that could be of benefit to local business owners. And like all entrepreneurial minds, I heard the distant sound of opportunity calling me back.
I would like to bring some credibility to a growing industry overfilled with telemarketers, overseas companies that spam your email box, over-priced big-box solutions and a few too many unfulfilled promises. Call me old school, but it doesn't have to be that way. When you call Just Rite Marketing, you will get in contact with me. When you choose one of our services, it will be me behind the finished product. My promise to you is my 100% commitment to improving your web presence via my knowledge, skills, and marketing experience.
We offer many Online Marketing Solutions for your Local Offline business. 
- Website Design (Mobile Friendly)
- Local Search Engine Optimization (Local SEO)
- Reputation Marketing
- Email Marketing Campaigns
- Custom Video Production
- Video Marketing
- Social Media Promotion
- Google AdWords Campaigns
- Lead Generation
I invite you to spend some time on our website. All of our services are spelled out thoroughly to help give you a better idea about what we offer. There are numerous videos and downloadable Reports. Please download as many of the Free Reports as you wish. They are there to help give you valuable information beyond what is provided here.

Give me a call or fill out our website form today. No sales person will contact you. Business owner to business owner, let's start a conversation on how I can help you with your online marketing.

I look forward to working with you.

Brad Schonder
Owner / Just Rite Marketing