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  • Full Analytics with monthly reporting and more…!
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Is your company collecting your customers’ email addresses? If not, you’re ignoring one of the most powerful opportunities to communicate with your customers! Email Marketing is all about creating the ability to communicate with your customers and potential customers.
Cost Effective
Unlike other platforms, email is very affordable and environmentally friendly. Sending emails doesn’t require print, postage and lots of staff handling costs. Additionally, you’ll be saving money by reaching your existing customers at the push of a button, instead of forking out hundreds for a local newspaper advert each time you need to promote your business.
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Relationship Building
Email is still perceived as a personal platform for communicating, which makes it a great tool for engaging with your audience and building up a solid, loyal relationship. You can send out useful tips, special “email only” deals and much more, to build a bond with subscribers and give them a reason to continue buying from you, not of your competitors.
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Customer Friendly
A 2013 survey of consumer channel habits and preferences found 77% preferred to receive permission-based promotions via email: 6% preferred such messages via social media. Unlike other platforms, most people have access to – and are familiar with – email. Call us to discover how your business can profit from email marketing when done Just Rite.

Benefits of Email Marketing

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Better Targeting

Want to reach customers who buy your products or services? Need to send a special promotion to your most loyal buyers? Need to attract your “potential buyers” with a special offer to turn them into customers? Email can do all of this and so much more. Email remains one of the most customizable, targeted and therefore effective methods of communicating with your audience.

Drives Sales and Builds Relationships

Whether you’re looking for more sales, downloads, inquiries, registrations, an email can get the job done, when done right. You can also use email to strengthen relationships, encourage trust and cement loyalty within your local community and customers.

Saves Money

According to popular belief and research, the average consumer needs to be exposed to the same advertising message at least 7 times before they decide to purchase. With most advertising, this is simply not possible, but with email marketing, you can continue to presell your products and services until the consumer is ready to buy. It’s also far easier to sell to an existing customer or prospect than it is finding new ones, so having a list of prospects who are just one email away means that you can drastically save money on trying to find a new audience through traditional advertising every time.

More Personal

When someone receives an email from you, they often see it as a more personal message than say, a tweet or writing on someone’s Facebook wall. Email Marketing creates an intimate, one-on-one situation where people are not distracted by other “noise” and Email continues to dominate when it comes to marketing your products and services without blowing the budget.
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